Flight Info & Pics


Flight Date Veterans Flown     Pictures (link opens in new window) Itinerary
April 17, 2010 97      http://imgur.com/a/H25Fp?grid
October 2, 2010 101      http://imgur.com/a/2RMW9?grid
April 2, 2011 94      http://imgur.com/a/Tg9BC?grid
October 8, 2011 100
November 12, 2011 92
April 21, 2012 90      http://imgur.com/a/WwRf6?grid
May 19, 2012 90      http://imgur.com/a/Ctrdg?grid
September 8, 2012 85
October 13, 2012 77 http://badgerhonorflight.shutterfly.com/
May 4, 2013 84
May 18, 2013 88      http://imgur.com/a/0YM7s?grid
September 14, 2013 92
October 19, 2013 84      https://imgur.com/a/6ywx2?grid
May 3, 2014 87      https://imgur.com/a/bZYcW?grid
May 17, 2014 84      https://imgur.com/a/IEADg?grid
September 13, 2014 84      https://imgur.com/a/K5yjQ?grid
October 18, 2014 85      https://imgur.com/a/tOOyw?grid
April 25, 2015 83      https://imgur.com/a/lhNNH?grid
May 16, 2015 85      https://imgur.com/a/1GlOr?grid
September 12, 2015 85      https://imgur.com/a/fuhe9?grid
October 10, 2015 88      https://imgur.com/a/mPM4r?grid
April 30, 2016 85      https://imgur.com/a/orKAb?grid
May 21, 2016 81      https://imgur.com/a/Pd6EW?grid
September 24, 2016  85      https://imgur.com/a/oMIua?grid
October 10, 2016  91      https://imgur.com/a/D3FG2?grid
April 22, 2017 88      https://imgur.com/a/Iojwi?grid  April 22, 2017 Itinerary
May 13, 2017  89      https://imgur.com/a/PsEoh?grid
September 16, 2017 88      https://imgur.com/a/Zoc1R?grid  Sept. 16, 2017 Itinerary
October 7, 2017 89      https://imgur.com/a/5qyZC?grid  Oct. 7, 2017 Itinerary
April 21, 2018
May 12, 2018
Total To Date:  2,551


View our entire album at http://badgerhonorflight.imgur.com/



Day in Washington DC:

Does my husband/wife need a coat?
Badger Honor Flight provides each veteran and guardian with a light jacket that they get to keep. We suggest they dress in layers based upon the forecast.

Can I meet/surprise the veteran at the Reagan National airport in DC?
Yes, however you will not be able to get past security. Therefore you can meet the Veterans right outside TSA security in Terminal C.

Can I ride along on the bus? Can I follow the group around town?
BHF doesn’t allow ride alongs on our buses. You can meet us at the different stops. Please check the itinerary for the times.

Where is the best place to meet/surprise the vet during the day?
All of the stops are good places to meet the veteran. You may want to consider either the World War II or Korean Memorials depending upon their conflict.

How do I know where the group is from stop to stop?
BHF has someone who posts updates on our Facebook page.

My Veteran has asked me to be his Guardian because I live near DC–When/where do I get my Guardian training?
Please contact Alexis MacDonald and Niki Sollinger(see below) for information regarding Guardian Training

Who will take my Mail Call letters for the airplane? I missed the deadline to collect them.
Please contact Marnette Voeltz (608-692-2100) or Hazel Zimbric (608-320-1279) for information regarding how to get these to BHF so we may distribute them on the plane.

If you have additional DC questions, please contact Alexis MacDonald and Niki Sollinger at badgerhonorflightdc@gmail.com

Welcome Home:

What time do we, his/her family need to be at the airport for the Welcome Home?
We suggest that family members arrive at about 8 PM due to the large crowds we expect at this event. The plane is scheduled to arrive at 9:15 PM.This is due to the expected large crowds we get at these events.

What door should we go in?
BHF recommends you enter the airport either through Door 3 or Door 4.

Are there chairs?
BHF does provide chairs to those who need one. Please do not bring your own. If you or a family are in need of a chair, please see a BHF Volunteer in a yellow t-shirt.

How can I buy a red Badger Honor Flight shirt?
These shirts along with other BHF merchandise is available at our information table located near Door 3.

Can we bring signs?
Yes you may bring signs. BHF also has a sign making area located between Door 3 and Door 4.

Is there a handicapped area for watching the parade?
Unfortunately there is not a handicap area. However, those attending the event will find that folks will allow those requiring either a wheelchair or chair front row seating.

There are several bathrooms located throughout Dane County Airport

There is plenty of parking available in either the surface lots or in the parking ramps. The airport does charge a fee for parking.

What time does the plane land?
The plane is scheduled to arrive at 9:15 PM. It does take about 15-20 minutes to unload the first set of veterans. We ask that everyone stay until the last Veteran is through the parade route.

If you have additional questions, please contact Kelly McMillan at welcomehome@badgerhonorflight.org or at 920-382-2111 5 – 8 PM.

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